Rental Lease Agreement


Terms and conditions

FIRST: OBJECT OF THE AGREEMENT: Hereby and with the execution of this Agreement, the Lessee delivers to the Lessor, as a civil lease, one storage unit for storage of legal goods, with the following characteristics:

  1. i) Storage Unit Number: ______
  2. ii) Area: ______
  3. iv) Controlled temperature / air conditioning: Yes______ No ______


SECOND: TERMS OF PAYMENT: The Storage Unit described above is leased in the amount of

_______________ dollars per month, currency of the United States of America, payable on the first working day of every month, in advance. Paid in this act is the first month of the lease and the following monthly payments shall be made to the account provided by the Lessor (instructions attached) or by credit card, according to the automatic charge slip, as the case may be. 

The Lessee hereby pays the amount of _______________ dollars, no cents, currency of the United States of America, equal to one monthly payment, as a security deposit for eventual damages to the property and unpaid services, and one-month rent paid in advance. If the security deposit is not applied to damages or unpaid services, it will be reimbursed within 15 business days after termination of the agreement, as considered appropriate by the Lessor.



During the term of this Agreement, the Lessor agrees to the following: a) Deliver the Storage Unit to the Lessor on the date agreed and provide the services detailed in this Agreement; b) Maintain 24-hour surveillance system and keep the facilities perfectly clean; c) Deliver invoices and payment receipts to the Lessee via email.

During the term of this Agreement, the Lessee agrees to the following: a) Issue all payments in a timely manner without any deductions, by wire transfer, or credit card. b) Keep the security deposit up to date, which may be used during the term of this lease if the Storage Unit requires any repairs or maintenance by reasons attributable to the Lessee, and in which case the amount indicated in the second clause must be restituted; c) Comply with Regulations for Use and keep a lock for the Storage Unit, for which only the Lessee shall have a key.


FOURTH: LATE PAYMENTS: In the event of delay in payments for TEN calendar days after the payment date, a late fee of $10.00 per day shall apply. After FIFTEEN CALENDAR DAYS of default, access to the Storage Unit will be restricted, resulting in a unilateral termination of this Agreement, without liability to the Lessor. At this point, the security deposit will be executed to cover the amounts owed. Delay in payment of the corresponding lease fees and breach of any of the provisions contained in this Agreement shall grant the Lessor the right to apply the provisions contained in the eighth clause of this Agreement and/or resort to legal action (Courts of Justice), as deemed convenient at its best judgement and discretion. For notification purposes between the Parties, the addresses stated above shall apply.


FIFTH: OF THE GOODS STORED AND OTHER OBLIGATIONS OF THE LESSEE: The goods kept in the Storage Unit are stored at the sole risk of the Lessee and the Lessor will not keep or perform inventory of the goods. Under no circumstance storage of drugs, animals, explosives, guns of any kind, highly flammable materials, toxic materials, illegal merchandise or corrosive materials shall be permitted. The Lessee shall ensure: a) Conservation of the Storage Unit and shall provide pater familias care. Therefore, in case of damages in the Storage Unit either by negligence or fraud –different from the normal wear and tear- the Lessee will always be responsible for said damages; b) All repairs are done in a timely manner and at its own cost, for the damages assessed at the Lessor´s discretion; d) Return the Storage Unit at the end of the Agreement in the same condition it was received.


SIXTH: TERM OF THE AGREEMENT: The term of this Agreement starts on _____________________

and ends on ____________________________, renewable by agreement between the Parties in writing. If the Lessee wishes to empty the Storage Unit before the term of this Agreement, it must notify the Lessor in writing, one month in advance. If notification of termination is not issued or is not provided at least thirty days in advance, the Agreement will be renewed for an equal term, provided the reasons for execution of this Agreement persists and the security deposit will be applied to the thirty days of notice.



SEVENTH: OF SUBLEASING/TRANSFERS: The Lessee cannot sublet or transfer its rights over the Storage Unit, without the express written consent of the Lessor.


EIGHTH: Hereby the Lessee authorizes the Lessor to execute an internal administrative procedure to enter the Storage Unit in the event of default in payment for 30 calendar days and to retain the goods stored therein, in the presence of a Notary Public of its choice. At that moment, the Lessor shall proceed to take possession and may freely dispose and/or auction the goods stored therein, assigning a value at its best discretion. If, after assessment and free disposal of the goods an outstanding balance still exists – according to the Lessor´s criteria – the Lessor may present a court proceeding before the Courts of Justice for any legal action deemed appropriate. 

THE LESSEE EXPRESSLY WAIVES the right to present any legal recourse or any other in court of out of court action against this internal administrative proceeding, expressly accepting hereby that any delay in payment, under the provisions contained in this clause, grants the Lessor the right to dispose of the goods stored in the Storage Unit, as described. If the Lessee is present for the opening of the Storage Unit and wishes to pay the amounts due, payment must be issued in cash immediately and administrative expenses must also be paid, as incurred by the Lessor, which are estimated in the amount of $250.00, in order to take possession of the goods, without any obligation of the Lessor to renew the Agreement between the Parties.